Photoshop Daily Creative Challenge
March 30 - April 10, 2020

The theme of this challenge is Farming RPG, so I have a rough concept here of a game taking place on an asteroid that is being terraformed as a habitat, with robot helpers and exotic space plants to be harvested.
Day 1: Layers
Create a promotional flyer using layers, shapes, text and color.
Day 2 - Color
Change the atmosphere of an image using color tools in Lightroom and Photoshop.
Day 3 - Filters
Add a pixel sorting effect to any image using Filters.
Above: Photos used for background, crops in foreground, and flying saucer shape. The pixel shifting effect was taken from a portion of the last photo. Result below:
Day 4: Brushes
Illustrate a character or creature using brushes. Get started using the linework in the starter file.
I did my own line drawing, at left, and the finished one on the right.
Day 5: Liquify
Use the shape, line or brush tool to add elements to a portrait. Try creating unique effects with the Liquify tool.
Day 6: Animation
Use the Ps Timeline to animate a plant sprouting or vegetable growing.
Day 7: Textures
Create an object, such as a bucket or farm tool. Then, give it a realistic finish using blending modes and textures.
Day 8: Icons
Design an icon using the line tool and shape tool. Try offsetting your lines to add depth!
Day 9: Compositing
Combine images to create a farmhouse-inspired scene using Masks, Blending Modes and Selection tools.
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