Adobe Illustrator Daily Creative Challenge
March - April 2020
Day 1: Shapes & Lines
Create a fun icon using simple shapes. Try the Ellipse and Rectangle tools as you design with layers.
Day 2: Text & Fonts
Create a monogram using your initials. Select a font, then use the Text tool to manipulate into place.

Day 3: Distorting Shapes
Transform basic shapes into personalized design elements with Warp and Distort tools.
Day 4: Colorful Characters
Illustrate a basic character and bring it to life with color! Learn about color theory as you apply colors and gradients.
Day 5: Brushes
Create custom Art, Pattern, and Scatter brushes to more efficiently create new artwork!
Day 6: Vector Portrait
Turn a photograph into a graphic vector portrait using the Pen tool!
Day 7: 3D Artwork
Build a flying machine using basic shapes and 3D tools.
Day 8: Creating Texture
Build a simple graphic using shapes then add texture using Effects, Patterns and Blend modes.
Day 9: Landscapes
Created an illustrated landscape. Focus on perspective as you add depth with Freeform Gradients and Recolor Artwork.
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